Need a new water well?
Old existing well went dry?
How much water do you want or need?
What type of well driller should you hire?
Where will you find a well driller in your area?
What are all the costs of a new well?
Where on the property will you tell the driller to drill?
How do you test your ...

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The view is becoming much less color full then the fall picture above as I watch out my office window. The snow is coming down pretty good again today but do expect it will go away again (hope?). We continue doing surveys to get some wells in yet this year for clients that need, or for those th...

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Drillers blows the hole to get an idea of of how much water has been found. In this case it turned out to be able to easy supply 10 gpm. Waterfind Identified 3 locations and the driller got water on all of them each over 10 gpm plus.

First go's are done across the west so onto round 2, from Brandon, MB, west to BC and across the north, book early to control travel costs and to get survey to drill a producing well dug this summer.
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Water Can Be Everything!

The nature of work is such that we are often the last resort, the last try, or only hope for our new clients. They need water to supply a new house, to water animals, or to prepare food or produce for sale, all of which require water. Often times the land or land and buildings have already been purchased and all they have is a failing low producing well. It can be catastrophic. A pump test, or even requesting a well report may have been all that was needed to raise the flag and avoid costs that can end a dream.

Most times we do our survey and find the water that's needed but there are times all we can offer from the survey data collected at the survey site is the site that shows the best "glimmer" of water.ON these drilling become risky and requires a good driller. Taking more risk after a couple of costly dry holes can make it a very though decision.   

Our report helps you determine which of the 6 survey sites is the best to drill a water well at, to maximize the yield attained, helps avoid drilling an expensive dry hole and controlling your depth and cost of drilling. Call before you drill for more information particular to your area.  

Our Advice is 
"Please Call Before You Drill"

For more info visit our main site at www.findwellwater.ca

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